Perera big hit for Forsythe/Pettit in testing

Forsythe/Pettit Racing literally put Champ Car Atlantic Rookie of the Year Franck Perera to the test and he passed with flying colors.

Perera completed two days of testing with the team at MSR Houston, a 17-turn, 2.38-mile road course located 13 miles south of Houston and site of the Series final test dates in March 2008.

"Over the two days of running, we laid out some very stringent tests and performance requirements for Franck," said Tom Brown, technical Director for Forsythe/Pettit Racing. "Running flawlessly both days, it was extremely encouraging that Franck met and exceeded each requirement set for him. He is a consummate professional with a rare touch and feel for the car."

Perera quickly learned the car and track and was immediately be up to speed, providing valuable feedback to the engineers who gathered suspension, braking and aerodynamic data through a battery of testing procedures.

Perera posted some extremely competitive lap times, giving Forsythe/Pettit Racing something to ponder after observing one of Champ Car's rising young stars for two days.

"I want to thank the entire team for everything, especially Mr. Forsythe and Mr. Pettit for giving me this chance," said Perera. "The Atlantic Cars are great, but being in a Champ Car is why I came from Europe to America to race. It was really fun to be in a fast car again like the F-1 and to help Tom Brown and all the engineers prepare the car for next season. I was also glad to show that I was very competitive compared to the testing here last February and I wanted to go even faster for sure, but in the end the team was here to test the car and I stuck to the plan." AHN

[Editor's Note: See 2008 Champ Car Silly Season page]

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