Mosley doubts McLaren

FIA president Max Mosley has accused McLaren of not telling the whole truth throughout this year's long-running spy saga. It is a damning attack from Mosley, with the McLaren team facing the real threat of expulsion from next year's Formula One world championship. The World Motor Sport Council met in Monaco on Friday to discuss the FIA Technical Department's report on the validity of McLaren's 2008 car. The report will be discussed in February amidst serious doubts about McLaren.

Ron Dennis

When asked whether team principal Ron Dennis should resign, Mosley replied: "It's not up to me to say.

"The thing is I really don't have a problem with Ron, contrary to popular belief. I really don't. All I want, in each team, is somebody who tells us exactly what is going on, is open and truthful. Life is too short to go through the procedures we have had to go through with this."


It was then suggested to Mosley the problem this year is that McLaren have not told the truth and he potentially does not trust them.

"I couldn't pretend they told us the truth on the 26th of July (at the first hearing)," remarked Mosley. "And there is reason to suppose they may not have told us the whole truth on the 13th September either, and that does make it difficult. In the end, we are trying to run a sport, and we don't have the resources of the police, the Secret Service and these elements. We have very limited time, and it is extremely annoying to go through hundreds and hundreds of pages produced by lawyers who are being paid by the amount of time they can spend on the case. It completely detracts from what we are supposed to be doing in the sport, but on the other hand we cannot allow people to – to put it crudely – cheat." Sky Sports

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