Legge crashes Minardi

UPDATE The young British driver was caught out by the cold conditions on the first run, her car spinning and brushing a concrete wall at the side of the track. The resulting damage was relatively minor, but with light fading and temperatures falling, it was decided to postpone her test until tomorrow.

"I basically lifted out of the traction control and that meant it didn't work any more; I didn't know that before but now I do. It's one of the things that you have to learn but your mind is so caught up with the various different things that are new when you step into a Formula One car.

"Tomorrow I'll be running in the warmest part of the day and hopefully I can do some laps in the morning and then go for some timed laps in the afternoon when the temperature has risen a bit."

11/22/05 British driver Katherine Legge's first day in an F1 car was cut short after she lost control of her car on her second full lap and made contact with the wall. "It's unlike anything I've ever driven before," Legge told autosport.com. "I'm fine. It was just a mistake on my part. I'm understanding the traction control and how it works all the time. I'm just understanding how an F1 car works. I'm fine and it will be a good day tomorrow."

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