Seen in Edmonton – IV

Mandy Fang and her friend, Vicky Gao, both 20 and both from Beijing, China are attending the Edmonton GP Champ Car race with friends from Calgary, Canada. It's their first car race, after having watched motorcycle races back in Beijing, China…….Kristen Fenlay of Calgary was named winner of the Miss Grand Prix of Edmonton competition held at the Shaw Conference Center on Friday night in Edmonton……..Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are here. Pitt and his Mr. and Mrs. Smith co-star have dropped by to witness Edmonton's first GP…….The front page (as well as the sports front page) of every newspaper in town features a race story as the headline article. History shows that if the local newspaper, and newspapers in nearby towns, really get behind these downtown races, they succeed. The same can't be said for races like Milwaukee that are failing…….Ranger's crash on Friday was so hard it registered 60 Gs and broke something inside the fuel tank. The concrete wall moved 1 foot.

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