ChampCar licensed from IndyCar

Tony George gets the last laugh against ChampCar
Tony George gets the last laugh against ChampCar – licensing the name to a crappy enduro series for sedans to an organization called ChumpCar

The old ChampCar name has been licensed from IndyCar and the new series is the ChampCar Endurance Series sponsored by TireRack for some crappy enduro sedan cars. And to add insult to injury, group who licensed it calls themselves ChumpCar International, Inc..

They advertise themselves as: The ChampCar Endurance Series is for people like you that have always wanted to go road racing without all the hassles, huge rulebook, or obscene expense. All you need is a valid drivers license, some safety gear, and a race car, which you can rent from arrive and drive teams, or build your own car! ChampCar is the simplest path to real wheel-to-wheel road racing!

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