Danica smart enough not to try F1

She never came close to a win on a road course in IndyCar once the good drivers from Champ Car came over, so Danica is smart enough to know her limitations. She excels at 100% throttle, only turn left tracks

Friday at Bristol Motor Speedway, Danica Patrick addresses recent comments by Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone that he would like her to run F1:

DID YOU SEE BERNIE ECCLESTONE'S COMMENTS YESTERDAY? "Yes I did see something about Bernie's comments and they sounded complimentary. It looked like he was kind of acknowledging my ability to drive a car. So that was kind."

ANY THOUGHTS? WOULD YOU EVER WANT TO TRY IT (FORMULA ONE RACING)? "I've always said that unless that it would be something I would want to do for real, as in race a Formula One car, I don't see any point in testing it. It is a lot or work to get fitted in the car comfortable enough to go drive it. Then as a driver, for me at least, I run the risk of what if it doesn't go well, and then people judge me for that. So, unless it was something that I was really serious, I wouldn't do it. I will say that Bernie over the years has actually sent a lot of messages. Any kind of big high point that happens in my career, whether it be at Indy, or Daytona now, or winning in Japan  things like that, he has sent messages. He even sent me like a big picture one time that was signed by him. He's actually been really nice. I don't necessarily think that his comments a long while back are representative of his opinion of me." Chevy PR

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