Driver ‘shocked’ by Ferrari power loss

Grosjean shocked by Ferrari power loss. Ferrari got caught cheating and are now scrambling
Grosjean shocked by Ferrari power loss. Ferrari got caught cheating and are now scrambling

(GMM) Carlos Sainz Jr. says he is not yet worrying about his move to Ferrari for 2021.

The Spaniard will replace Sebastian Vettel, but he will presumably not enjoy a substantially better car than the German as the current machines are being carried over to 2021 for reasons of cost.

Asked if he is therefore particularly worried about Ferrari's performance, Sainz insisted: "Not really. As you say I'm not thinking about any carry-over of their form to next year.

"I'm confident they've always been at the top in Formula 1 and they will make it back there sooner rather than later. At the moment I'm happy to fight them on track," he said.

In Austria last weekend, it was Sainz's McLaren teammate Lando Norris who managed to chase home Charles Leclerc for an unlikely early podium.

But the Briton says he is expecting Ferrari to speed up.

"Ferrari will show its strengths throughout the season. I think they still have the better overall package," said Norris.

Ferrari has rushed some new parts, including front and rear wings and a revised floor, to Maranello for the second race in Austria.

"It will be a good sign of whether we are right or wrong in the direction of our ideas," Sebastian Vettel said.

But the biggest problem for Ferrari is not aerodynamics, but engine power. Many believe the Italian team was hobbled by the FIA as a result of the engine illegality saga of 2019.

"There is a lot of speculation, but it's not useful to join in on that," Kimi Raikkonen, who drives a Ferrari-powered Alfa Romeo, told C More.

"We are trying to do the best with what we have."

Another Ferrari-powered driver – Haas' Romain Grosjean – was more forthright, admitting he was "shocked" that his Maranello-made engine power is "much lower" than it was last year.

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