Shwartzman should join Alfa Romeo for 2021 – Marko

Robert Mikhailovich Shwartzman
Robert Mikhailovich Shwartzman

(GMM) Ferrari should promote the less well-known member of its driver development academy into Formula 1 for 2021.

That is the advice offered by Dr Helmut Marko, the architect and boss of Red Bull's own highly successful driver program.

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto said this week that it's "too early" to comment on whether Mick Schumacher is ready to leap into Formula 1 next year.

But according to Marko, that is not the case for Schumacher's 20-year-old Formula 2 teammate, Russian Robert Shwartzman.

"He is intelligent, fast, he protects the tires – he's very special," the Austrian told

"If I was Ferrari, I would put him in the Alfa Romeo next year."

It is believed Ferrari-powered Haas might also be in the running to sign Shwartzman for 2021.

Former Le Mans winner John Nielsen says the identity of the man Shwartzman would replace at the small American team is obvious.

"Kevin Magnussen must continue what he did so well in Hungary, but I do not see (Romain) Grosjean having a place next season," he told BT newspaper.

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