F1 insists anti-racism activism still ‘a priority’

Hamilton is playing F1 like a fiddle
Hamilton is playing F1 like a fiddle

(GMM) Racial activism will continue to be "a clear priority" for Formula 1.

The sport's latest official statement on the subject comes after Lewis Hamilton hit out directly at FIA president Jean Todt and F1 CEO Chase Carey's alleged lack of action and leadership.

The six-time world champion was furious that not enough time was allocated by Formula 1 for the now customary 'take a knee' moment before Sunday's Hungarian GP.

"They've come out saying they're going to be fighting for diversity and to end racism, but they're not giving us the platform to continue that," Hamilton said.

Some have argued that the intrusion of politics in Formula 1 is unwelcome, while others insist that ending racism is in fact not political.

However, controversial US president Donald Trump has now declared that he turns off live sports once he sees athletes 'taking a knee'.

"Any time I witness a player kneeling during the national anthem, a sign of great disrespect for our country and our flag, the game is over for me," he said.

In the wake of Hamilton's criticism, Formula 1 reiterated its commitment to the anti-racism movement.

"Ending racism and increasing diversity and inclusion in F1 is a clear priority," the sport said in a statement.

"We set out our plans for diversity and inclusion last November and have in recent weeks announced additional plans to create a task force to tackle these issues and a foundation with over $1 million already donated to create apprenticeships and job opportunities for underrepresented groups.

"We want to make lasting change and are acting to do this," F1 added.

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