Haas drivers unsure about team’s F1 future

The Haas team needs Sergio Perez's big check
The Haas team needs Sergio Perez's big check

(GMM) Haas' race drivers have admitted they are not sure the small American team will still be on the grid in 2021.

Kevin Magnussen revealed this week that team owner Gene Haas is expected to be in Hungary.

Haas, 67, entered Formula 1 in 2016 with a team in close collaboration with Ferrari, but is believed to be wavering over whether to stay for a sixth season.

Magnussen's teammate Romain Grosjean said on Thursday that the question over Haas' future in F1 is "the elephant in the room".

"For us but also for Formula 1, I hope that the team is here on the grid next year," said the Frenchman.

"I think of all the new teams that came into Formula 1, Haas is the one that was the most successful, but I'm not the one taking the decision."

Magnussen added: "Formula 1 is never a safe place, you can never predict the future.

"I think as a team there's a lot of people that are hoping to see the team continue, they like their job and of course we are all looking forward to some news."

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