Brendan Gaughan tests positive for COVID-19

Brendan Gaughan says Covid-19 was like having a cold
Brendan Gaughan says Covid-19 was like having a head cold

NASCAR driver Brendan Gaughan revealed Wednesday on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio’s “On Track" that he tested positive last Friday (July 10).

“So I’m indoors for a couple weeks," he said on the show. “No wife, no kids for two weeks. I am indoor, quarantined with my puppy and staying isolated on one side of the house and the kids are at a friend’s house, hanging out, playing and swimming.

“My son just texted me this morning, saying ‘I miss you daddy.’"

Gaughan is taking the virus in stride, chuckling and saying: “I’m good, I’m here. I’ve been watching racing. I have lots of time to catch up on many things. Yesterday I was down to the Lone Ranger reruns and Matlock, so I have all sorts of energy to get out today."

“I’m fine," he said. “I had a head cold with a headache, a stuffy nose and a little post-nasal drip and that’s it. That’s really the most of anything I’ve had, maybe felt tired one of the days or so."

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