NASCAR mulls more midweek races

NASCAR is exploring the possibility of hosting midweek races according to a report published on the Sports Business Journal’s website.

The idea is apparently "one of 15 to 20" initiatives the sanctioning body is exploring to enhance the race-day experience, chase a big TV number and determine the overall look of the sport moving forward in the wake of a reported two-year Cup Series entitlement sponsorship agreement with Monster Energy.

According to the report, Jon Miller of NBC Sports has tossed several suggestions at NASCAR executives in recent talks with various stakeholders.

"We're having conversations with them about possible midweek races," Miller said. "We like the idea of road racing and think it's pretty exciting, so we're working with them on those fronts. That's what's great about dealing with NASCAR: We can sit in a room, throw out some ideas and have them take them back and consider that inside their walls."

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