Haas undeterred by Hungary radio penalty

Gunther Steiner
Gunther Steiner

(GMM) Gunther Steiner says Haas will not change its approach to racing, even though it cost the small American team in Hungary.

Kevin Magnussen lost a point after the race near Budapest because the team asked both drivers to pit for dry tires after the formation lap.

The radio instruction contravened a 2017 rule about driver coaching.

"It's not a fair punishment," Magnussen's father Jan said. "In my eyes they broke no rules.

"I know that it is a rule that was introduced, but a strategy call should always be free," he told BT newspaper.

But notwithstanding the penalty and lost point, team boss Steiner says Haas would do it all again.

"For sure we would do the same thing again," he confirmed.

"If it looks like it was never done before, and there's no clear regulation, you get a penalty. Unfortunately, we cannot appeal because it's a time penalty."

He agrees with Magnussen's father that the rule should be re-imagined.

"We need to move on from this, but I don't think we should stop doing these things in racing," Steiner said. "Otherwise, accountants can race in Formula 1."

The team's boss admits Haas' 2020 car is "not the fastest" in the midfield, and amid uncertainty about the team's future, development has been halted.

"It won't be an easy year, but we're here to stay," Steiner insisted.

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