Dover removing another 30,000 seats

From 135,000 now down to 54,000 seats at Dover
From 135,000 now down to 54,000 seats at Dover

The sights and sounds of construction are reverberating through the grandstands at Dover International Speedway once again.

This marks the fourth time track officials have made the decision to try to find the “right size" of the grandstand capacity by removing seats to address the changing demands of the sports and entertainment industry, according to Mike Tatoian, president and CEO of Dover International Speedway.

Dover International Speedway, which saw its seating capacity reach a peak of approximately 135,000 seats in 2001, will have its capacity reduced from 83,000 seats to 54,000 outdoor seats when the NASCAR Cup Series returns to the “Monster Mile" on May 3, 2020 — a reduction of 29,000 seats.

The work has started in the lower level between the third and fourth turn grandstand seating at Dover. Grandstands are being taken down and recycled by E&D Specialty Stands out of North Collins, New York.

“We are adjusting seating capacity with a focus on improving the fan experience in 2020 and beyond," Mr. Tatoian said. “We are limiting seating options that may result in an inferior fan experience, while maintaining seats with easy access to elevators, concessions and merchandise outlets. We are exploring other improvements to the facility, as we have done every year for the past 50 years.

“If you look around all sports venues in general, even outside of NASCAR facilities, the trend in building or renovating existing facilities is creating a more intimate, fan-friendly environment by removing unused, less-than-desirable seats." Delaware State News

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