new site is live

Everyone should be seeing our new website now.  Your old login should still work – email address and password.  A few customers have experienced login issues.

We have added a “reset password” link on the login page and on the main menu. Once you submit username (email address) /email address, you will get a new password.

Not sure why a very small percentage of you are having this issue, but we suspect it’s a caching issue with your old login cached and looking  for old site.

We tested accounts with old password, and they worked on the new site, so hopefully a password reset will solve any login issues, if any, you may have.

We hope you are all enjoying the new cleaner look for Let us know if you have any questions as to where something is that you cannot find. And of course suggestions are always welcome

4 thoughts on “ new site is live

  1. Good news. Yesterday, for the first time, the new site accepted my sign in twice in a row. Today, it looks normal.
    I, too, had gruesome problems logging onto the new site at first — even after bookmarking the new site — and then deleting the old bookmarks. My favorite was: if I entered my correct e-mail address, sometimes it got accepted, sometimes not, but never, if I checked “Remember Me.” Maybe some others made the same mistake of thinking that was already live.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Roger and your patience as we work out a few bugs with our entirely new site. As you could imagine, the work effort to make it all happen was huge.

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