Pirelli did not request downforce cut for 2021

(GMM) Pirelli did not request a further reduction in downforce for 2021 in response to the tire problems seen at Silverstone.

That is the claim of Mario Isola, boss of F1’s official tire supplier.

Days ago, as news about the looming ‘party mode’ engine settings ban emerged, it also became clear that the FIA also wants to further reduce downforce for 2021.

“We are grateful for the support we have received as a sport from Pirelli and note that we have asked them to continue providing the same specification of tires for a third consecutive season,” a letter from the FIA to the teams reads.

Mario Isola (R) – volunteering to drive ambulance during Covid-19 surge in Italy

“We consider that recent events have highlighted that previously agreed aerodynamic changes are insufficient, and hence we intend to introduce some further downforce reduction measures” for 2021, the letter added.

The specifics of the downforce cuts are not known, but it is believed they will be in the area of the car’s floor.

Although the decision is clearly related to the tire failures seen at Silverstone, Isola insists it was not Pirelli who asked for the rule change.

“I only found out about it through the teams,” he insisted in Barcelona.

“But we welcome the step. Without it, we would probably have been forced to increase the tire pressures even more.”