Enzo Ferrari would have treated Vettel better – Forghieri

(GMM) Legendary Ferrari figure Mauro Forghieri (shown above with Enzo Ferrari in 1971 at Monza)has critiqued Mattia Binotto’s management of the struggling Italian team’s drivers.

Speaking to Italian insider Leo Turrini’s Quotidiano blog, Forghieri – a major player at Ferrari from the 60s to the 80s – claims Maranello has “a human resources problem”.

“There is no lack of money at Maranello,” he said. “I am convinced that Ferrari must strengthen its technical structure. Quickly.”

Binotto has come under fire recently as some question whether the long-time engineer, who was promoted last year, is also an effective team boss.

“Binotto is playing a very delicate role,” Forghieri said. “I know from experience!

“Being the head of the Gestione Sportiva is really difficult, the pressure is enormous, and Ferrari never forgives anything. Binotto must surround himself with the right people for the skills that are obviously lacking.”

Following the legality saga of 2019, Ferrari’s engine is now conspicuously down on power but Forghieri insists the car is “wrong in other areas too”.

His most specific criticism, however, is of Binotto’s handling of the drivers.

Charles Leclerc, for instance, is “very talented”, but also “so young”.

“Ferrari should not have charged him with so much responsibility so soon,” said Forghieri.

Forghieri also said his old boss, Enzo Ferrari, would probably not approve of the way Sebastian Vettel’s looming departure was handled.

“I don’t like to upset Enzo Ferrari, because I really knew him and I know that things are attributed to him that he would never have done,” he said.

“But I am sure that he would have handled Seb’s farewell differently. He deserved a more respectful treatment.”