Tony Stewart calls for NASCAR to reinstate Larson so he can hire him

Tony Stewart caught up with CBS Sports to discuss everything going on in the auto racing universe from Kyle Larson’s NASCAR exile to this Sunday’s Indianapolis 500.

Make no mistake about it, Stewart knows Larson is talented and he wants him on his NASCAR Cup team.

Here are some highlights from the conversations, as well as audio from the full interview.

Stewart: “Well I think that’s pretty easy to figure out. I mean I think even you know the answer to that even if we’re asking. I mean if you gotta pick between those two guys you gotta pick Kyle Larson for sure. The kid was hot in NASCAR, and he was doing a great job. And then he, since his problems, he’s got in a sprint car and absolutely just annihilated the sprint car field. So I think if you gotta pick somebody right now, you gotta pick Kyle Larson.

“NASCAR has gotta get off their ass and do the right thing and give this kid an opportunity to get back in a car. I think he’s paid his penalty, and he’s served the penalty long enough where you know we’ve had similar instances in the sport that have happened and the penalties didn’t last as near as long as this has lasted with Kyle.

“It’s changed Kyle’s world, it turned everything upside down and not only did it affect him. It affected his family and a lot of other people that didn’t deserve to be affected. So I think it’s been long enough. I think it’s time for NASCAR to get off their ass and to do the right thing and allow him to come back to the series now.”