New Site Design Update

Dear readers,

We hope you are enjoying the new site design.  Please note that it is still a work in progress.

For example, we are still trying to adjust advertising content so ads do not overlay any content you are trying to read, or pop up on top.  We understand how annoying that can be, so please bear with us.

Also, note that you no longer should use our iPhone or iPad apps.  The new design is made to work on any web browser, so if you are using a smartphone or tablet, try using a web browser to login. On the iPad we find the Firefox app/browser works really well with AR1 and the ads do not overlay content after our latest adjustments.

We do not recommend you use the Internet Explorer web browser with AR1. Anything but IE.

We may reinstate the iPad app, but that takes resources that are busy with other things at the moment, and so far the feedback has been positive with the web browser.

If you have any questions about how to find something, take a few moments to try the menu options.  If you need to search more granular for a specific category/series news try the ‘Categories’ drop-down at the top of the right column (on PCs).

AutoRacing1. com

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