Alonso to attend Imola, Abu Dhabi races

(GMM) Fernando Alonso says it is possible he will stay in Formula 1 beyond the two-year term of his return with Renault in 2021.

“I will do at least two years and I will do one, two, three more after that, or I leave after 2022,” Marca sports newspaper quotes him as saying.

“Then I will think about the next category I do.”

Alonso, 39, has been playing down his expectations for his comeback year.

He insists: “The 2021 cars will be an evolution of this year, so what we see every weekend now we will see until 2022. Unfortunately, that is the sport and no different to when I left.

“But 2021 will be good preparation for 2022 – that’s the idea. Better to prepare next year than to have three years away.”

Alonso said he has enjoyed taking time off in 2019 and 2020, which is “something I have never done since I was 13 years old”.

“After recharging the batteries, I’m ready to go back,” said the two-time champion.

Alonso will even make some appearances at the circuits in 2020, announcing: “I will go to Imola with Renault. It’s a circuit and an area of Italy that I love and of course I have very good memories.

“I will also go to Abu Dhabi, which is the last one and there’s always good weather there in December,” he said.