F1 owners Liberty ‘a bit naive’ – Marko

(GMM) Dr Helmut Marko (above, who has something to say about everything) says the top bosses at F1’s owner Liberty Media are often “a bit naive”.

The Red Bull chief was asked by Der Spiegel to comment on the fact that, after three decades, Formula 1 is scrapping its deal with German free to air broadcaster RTL in favor of a more lucrative Sky pay-TV deal.

Marko admits the ratings will drop.

“That is to be expected temporarily,” he said.

“But Sky is supposedly paying four times what RTL was willing to pay. The teams also benefit from that with the distribution from Liberty Media.

“On the other hand, the marketing revenues are not the reason why Red Bull is in Formula 1. For us, it’s the global audience interest,” added Marko.

“Experience has shown us that the ratings drop drastically in the first phase after such a change.”

Marko expects those numbers to build back up again as German fans adjust.

But he said of Liberty: “They are very straightforward, but sometimes also a bit naive. They do not yet understand the whole political process.

“For example, that they bought a company, but they’re not the sole owner of the house. They have to make compromises because the FIA and the ten teams have a say as well.”