Ferrari pushing ahead with ‘pink Mercedes’ appeal

(GMM) Ferrari is pressing ahead with its appeal against Racing Point’s ‘pink Mercedes’ car (above).

After Renault – the instigator of the protests against the Mercedes-like copy – recently withdrew its intention to appeal, it was rumored that Ferrari would soon follow suit.

“Yes, we confirmed our protest,” Mattia Binotto said at Monza when asked about the status of the appeal.

“The reason is that we are fully convinced that what Racing Point did this season is not right.”

Auto Motor und Sport claims that the rules will be made clear for 2021, with the FIA to stop direct car copies by banning 3D cameras and scanners from the paddock and asking teams to justify their design documents.

“If regulations will be put in place – a technical directive for the future in 2021 where we are pretty sure it will not be possible to copy – then eventually we are ready to withdraw our appeal,” Ferrari team boss Binotto added.

The Italian also told Sky Italia: “Not even in the industrial world is copying allowed. We want clarity and when we get it we will withdraw the appeal.”