NHRA cuts prize money by 70%

NHRA vice president of Racing Operations Josh Peterson’s informed teams Tuesday that “after extensive discussions between NHRA and professional teams and their representatives, considering the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the modified prize money structure has been set for the balance of the 2020 season – at a 70% reduction.”

This year, when racing resumed in July, the teams competed for significantly slashed purses: Winner – $35,000 (down from $50K), runner-up – $17,000, semifinal – $12,500, Round 2 – $10,000, Round 1 – $7,500.

This latest round of cuts means winners at each of the final five races will receive $15,000 and runners-up $11,500. So the value of a victory has dropped from $50,000 in February to $15,000.

John Force parked his cars before the first race over prize money we hear. How many other teams will now drop out? Most of the small teams rely on prize money.  $1,000 to qualify won’t pay the fuel bill let alone the dozens of other costs.