F1 choosing ‘show over safety’ – Minardi

(GMM) Gian Carlo Minardi (above) has backed drivers who suspect Formula 1 is putting “the show” above safety.

After Mugello, the scene of a dangerous safety car re-start pile-up, drivers including Lewis Hamilton wondered if the sport hadn’t tweaked the rules in order to spice up the entertainment factor.

“I don’t like this Formula 1 because it gives priority to the show at all costs, and even to the detriment of safety,” Minardi, a former F1 team owner and boss, said.

“The rules were changed without trying them first and it caused accidents and chaos. The drivers, in that circumstance, have no blame at all.”

However, the Italian said he did enjoy watching the drivers grapple with the high-speed and ‘old school’ Mugello circuit.

“Mugello showed how the drivers are no longer used to racing on historic circuits with gravel next to the curbs,” said Minardi.

“12 cars at the finish had not been seen for a while.”