Alex Zanardi Update (Update)

In a statement, the San Raffaele hospital in Milan said he is “undergoing a sub-intensive care program” and that he now “responds with transient and initial signs of interaction with the environment.”

The hospital also confirmed he had undergone surgery “aimed at craniofacial reconstruction”, with a second operation planned in the next few weeks, and said he was having cognitive and motor rehabilitation sessions.

But despite what they described as “significant advances” the medical staff said any long term assessment of Zanardi’s condition was premature given “the persistence of a complex general clinical picture”.

So pretty much, like Michael Schumacher, Zanardi remains in a vegetative state – both having suffered severe head injuries – with little to no hope of again leading a normal life.  So sad. Our condolences to their families.

September 24, 2020 

Alex Zanardi  “is reacting to visual and sound stimuli” says Dr. Claudio Costa who was interviewed by La Stampa.

At his bedside daily are his wife Daniela and their son Niccolo. He remains hospitalized at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan.

Doctor Costa, who has become his confidant and friend said, “I have seen improvements, he gives responses to stimuli, squeezes his fingers, his brain has to re-educate itself. He has a great physique and an extraordinary mind. I know this time we’re talking about the brain, but I’m sure he’ll be able to invent something with what’s left.”