Franchitti confident Jimmie Johnson’s move to IndyCar will be a successful one

From his 125 laps in the No. 10 Honda back in July, Johnson feels confident he’ll be able to find those final tenths of a second you hear every IndyCar driver talk about in their work toward the top of the leaderboard. For Johnson, though, it’ll be about repetition as a 45-year-old IndyCar rookie.

He’s found himself the best (virtual) classroom imaginable. Even while he’s on the road for NASCAR races, Ganassi has tapped Johnson into their communication systems so he can listen to the in-car radio on all three pit boxes and in all three cockpits live, while watching the practice, qualifying and race sessions live.

Driver coach and former IndyCar and NASCAR driver Dario Franchitti said of Johnson: “Jimmie’s really taken this seriously. Everything he’s doing is to make sure he has as much experience and questions answered as possible even before he sits in the car again.”

“Let’s not beat around the bush here. He’s here to win, and Chip is doing this because he thinks it’ll be great for the team, and he thinks he’s got four cars that can win races. This isn’t some vanity project from anyone. This is serious business.”

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