Mick Schumacher not as good as his father – drivers

(GMM) Two former F1 drivers do not believe Mick Schumacher is as talented as his famous father.

At Sochi, rumors began to gain even more steam that the Formula 2 series leader is poised to make his F1 debut with Alfa Romeo next year.

But that doesn’t mean he’s as good as seven time world champion Michael Schumacher, according to former F1 driver Marc Surer.

“He is not with his father in terms of talent, but he is very capable of improving and his ability to learn is incredible,” he told AvD Motorsport Magazin.

Indeed, 21-year-old Schumacher often enters a new category like Formula 3 or Formula 2 and is not immediately competitive.

“Every time he went into a new category, he was cautious at the start, learned, and by the end of the season was good,” Surer explained.

“That’s exactly what he’s doing again in Formula 2, and of course he is recommending himself for a Formula 1 contract.”


Former Sauber driver Karl Wendlinger, who once raced in sports cars with Mick’s legendary father, agrees.

“He’s not necessarily like his father, who was always the fastest right from the beginning,” he said.

“Mick seems to need a little more time, but he improves and by the second season at the latest – whether it’s Formula 4, Formula 3 or now Formula 2 – he has the pace and he is successful.”

Surer admits that the Schumacher name has helped to power Mick’s rise through the junior ranks.

“It helps him, of course,” said the Swiss. “But nobody in F1 will take him just because of the name. He has to have success as well and the past races show that he has what it takes.”