Bottas slams critic after ‘f*** you’ rebuke

(GMM) Valtteri Bottas issued a furious and sustained rebuke to his “critics” after winning Sunday’s Russian GP.

After winning in Melbourne last year, the Finn said on the radio: “To whom it may concern, f*** you”.

He made an almost identical rebuke on the slowing down lap at Sochi on Sunday, too.

“I just want to thank my critics, and to whom it may concern – f*** you,” said the Mercedes driver.

It is believed Bottas has been dealing with a raft of criticism on social media, with some suspecting that he plays no more than a supporting role for teammate Lewis Hamilton.

Look for Hamilton to crush Bottas next weekend in Nurburgring. He is pissed and will prove to Bottas once again that he’s just his water boy.

“I honestly don’t get the people who have the need to criticize people,” he explained afterwards.

“There’s been people telling me that I should not bother, I should give up, but the way I am, I will never do that so I just wanted to again send my best wishes to them.”

But even after issuing that rebuke, the criticism continued. One Instagram user told Bottas: “You think at this point anyone will believe you’re there to win?

“You will be a good boy and do what they tell you and let Lulu take the win as always.”

Bottas hit back at the Instagram user: “Don’t care what you believe mate. I believe.

“If I had your mindset, I wouldn’t have ever had a chance in my career, never. Won’t give up!”