Final Weekend TV Ratings

Final USA TV Ratings for last weekend’s major races.  No numbers for the IMSA race at Mid-Ohio on NBCSN – too low to report.

On NBCSN NASCAR Cup Series race ratings are trending to soon be below 1.0, an unheard of number for NASCAR in the last 10 years. That’s what happens when you inject politics into your sport and piss off half your fan base.

F1’s ratings have also dropped ever since Lewis Hamilton injected his politics into the sport although this year’s Russian GP pulled in 517K average viewers (almost identical to 511K last year).  However, other recent races have seen a greater drop.

Network Event Location Total Viewers 18-49 Viewers 2020 TV Rating 2019 TV Ratings % Chg
NBCSN NASCAR Cup Race L Las Vegas 1,970,000 432,000 1.15 1.42 -19.0%
NBCSN NASCAR Xfinity race L Las Vegas 764,000 135,000 0.45 0.46 -0.2%
ESPN2 F1 Race L Sochi 517,000 158,000 0.31 0.33 -6.1%
FS1 NASCAR Truck Race L Las Vegas 391,000 105,000 0.24
FS1 NHRA Gatornational Finals L Gainesville 237,000 25,000 0.14