Covid era makes F1 debut easier for Schumacher

(GMM) F1’s current covid restrictions are a blessing for Mick Schumacher ahead of his race weekend debut at the Nurburgring.

That is the view of the young German’s manager Sabine Kehm, who fulfilled a similar role for Schumacher’s famous father Michael.

Now, Kehm is returning to the paddock this weekend as the manager of an active Formula 1 driver, as 21-year-old Mick prepares to drive Antonio Giovinazzi’s Alfa Romeo in Friday practice.

She told RTL that the covid restrictions in the paddock will make Schumacher’s first official F1 weekend less stressful.

“I think it probably suits him,” she said.

Sabine Kehm

“It means there aren’t many journalists in the paddock so he can’t be spoken to so much on the way between the motor home and the garage.”

Kehm said it would “probably be the case” that without the restrictions, a media swarm around the Formula 2 series leader would make his duties more difficult.

“If it was a normal year I would expect a lot (of interest),” she explained. “Because this is taking place in the corona conditions, we all know that a lot is not currently possible.

“So to that extent it is easier for Mick, because of course he will not have this physical presence around him.”

Kehm also hinted that Mick’s father Michael, the seven time world champion, is not actively involved in managing the career of the young star.

“Even if you don’t always see it that way, of course I am by his side if necessary and of course there are a few other people,” she revealed.

“So it’s Corinna first and foremost, who has a huge part because she is always there for Mick and supports him so well in what he does,” said Kehm, referring to Mick’s mother and Michael’s wife.

“Peter Kaiser is also someone who is extremely important, and Kai, his physiotherapist. It’s a team, we’re long-time friends too, so of course it’s nice for all of us that Mick is now taking this step.”

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