Racing Point chief insists Vettel can ‘find his mojo’ at Aston Martin

Racing Point are confident four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel will rediscover his best form when he joins the team next year.

Racing Point’s technical director, Andrew Green, is confident Vettel will be able to rebuild his confidence with the team.

‘I think we can help Seb,’ he told ESPN. ‘I think he is not in a great place at the moment in his head, he has lost his mojo a little, and I think we are the best team at turning drivers around and getting them back in their sweet spot. So I think we can really help him.

Will Vettel thrive in the Mercedes powered Racing Point

‘We are very driver focused. We take a lot of time to understand our drivers and work with them and form a really strong relationship and bond with our drivers. That helps to nurture them and for them to feel comfortable and secure, and not worry that things are going on behind their back.

‘We take out all the politics and it just allows them to focus on driving the car as quick as possible, and I think we can get Seb back into that place.’

Green also believes Vettel can help the new team win races and compete for the championship.

‘He’s going to bring a completely new dynamic to the whole team,’ Green added. ‘It shows a measure of intent from Lawrence [Stroll, the team’s owner] about where he wants to take the team and what he wants to do with it — and that’s a really strong statement.

‘But he is a multiple world champion, and he is going to bring a methodology of working that we haven’t seen before and that’s what we want. We want someone who has been there and done it and can show us what it takes to start winning races, what it takes to win championships.’