Rumor: Andy Cowell to Red Bull F1 Engine Dept.

Everyone thought it rather strange that Mercedes engine guru, Andy Cowell, resigned unexpectedly from the Mercedes F1 team after his hybrid V6 engines have dominated the sport for over 6 years.

Now we know where he might be headed.

With Honda leaving the sport after 2021, speculation is that Red Bull will take over Honda’s F1 engine operation and bring it in-house.

What better man to lead it than Andy Cowell. Why else would he leave Mercedes’ Brixworth operation at the top of his game? He must have known Honda’s exit was coming

However, it remains unclear whether Cowell will actually join the Red Bull team. In conversation with Dr. Helmut Marko refused to speculate about Cowell.

“I don’t know. First, we have to see what we are going to do. Then, of course, we’ll see who’s eligible for this project. It’s clear that we would integrate it into our location at Red Bull Technology,” says Marko. “Then you make sure you get the best possible people for it.”