Final weekend TV Ratings

Like other sports that became ‘woke’, NASCAR TV ratings continued their plummet this past weekend. When you piss off half your fan base expect it to cost you tens of millions of dollars in lost TV ad revenue. Meanwhile, the new fans they thought they were going to gain by becoming ‘woke’ have zero interest in the sport. Always did, always will.

It’s a case of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face.

Network Event Location Total Viewers 18-49 Viewers 2020 TV Rating 2019 TV Rating % Chg
NBC NASCAR Cup Race L Kansas 2,511,000 452,000 1.52 2.03 -25.1%
FOX NASCAR Truck Race L Kansas 892,000 224,000 0.57 N/A N/A
NBCSN NASCAR Xfinity Race L Kansas 697,000 99,000 0.43 0.86 -50.0%
FS1 NHRA Finals Dallas 236,000 32,000 0.15 0.28 -46.4%