More gravel traps will ‘improve the F1 show’ – Binotto

Mattia Binotto says installing more old-school gravel traps at Formula 1 circuits will help to “improve the show”.

Next year, teams will only be able to make limited modifications to their current cars after the all-new regulations were delayed until 2022 amid the corona crisis.

Ferrari boss Binotto thinks the field will be close in 2022.

“There is little room in the regulations to develop something unique, so the engineers can hardly innovate. But that makes the show better,” he told Sky Italia.

“The cars will also no longer lose as much downforce when they are close to another car, so overtaking should be easier.”

Imola still has gravel traps

However, the Italian thinks Formula 1 needs to “do more” for 2022 in regard to the sporting regulations and even the basic layout of the circuits.

“To improve the show, we need to do more,” said Binotto.

“For example, we need more gravel traps so that drivers are really punished for their errors. I have heard that there will be more gravel and that’s a good thing.

“A number of these regulatory changes can make the difference. We really do need to do more,” he added.