Ferrari to get ‘new engine’ in 2021 – Sainz snr

(GMM) Carlos Sainz senior insists he is not worried that his son has made a major mistake by deciding to move to Ferrari in 2021.

26-year-old McLaren driver Carlos Sainz signed to join the Maranello team before the depth of Ferrari’s performance slump this year became clear.

But his father, rally legend Carlos Sainz, is not worried.

“Carlos is fully confident that if there is a team capable of reacting in a short time, it is Ferrari,” the 58-year-old is quoted by EFE news agency. “He has no doubts.”

However, Sainz snr admits that he doesn’t have much information about Ferrari’s recovery plans.

“I read in the press that they are making a new engine and developing in a good way, but little else,” he said.

“I have not asked Carlos about any privileged information, which I understand and respect both for him and for Ferrari.”