‘Very few’ drivers could beat Hamilton – Sainz Jr.

(GMM) Most drivers on the grid would not be able to beat Lewis Hamilton in equal machinery.

That is the view of Carlos Sainz Jr., hot on the heels of Max Verstappen’s assertion that 90 percent of the drivers in Formula 1 would win in a Mercedes.

“I agree with Max that 90 percent of the grid would win races with the Mercedes,” said Sainz.

“What I am saying is that if you put 90 percent of the grid in Mercedes cars against Hamilton, I can assure you that very few would be able to beat him over a 20 race season,” he said in Istanbul.

We don’t know how good Lewis Hamilton is because he has never had a strong teammate – LAT Images

“Hamilton is in the best car, but he is also one of the best drivers in a long time,” the Spaniard added.

However, there remains no guarantee that Hamilton, 35, will even remain in Formula 1 next year as he is still yet to sign a new Mercedes contract for 2020.

“I still don’t have all the answers to my questions,” the soon-to-be seven time world champion said on Thursday.

“But I do love to race, I love the challenge and I don’t think that will change anytime soon.”