Formula 1 to run on ‘100 per cent sustainable’ biofuel by 2026

Formula 1 has announced that, as part of its strategy to become carbon-neutral by 2030, it has invested in the development of a completely sustainable biofuel for the car to run on.

The first trial barrels have already been delivered to Ferrari, Honda, Mercedes-AMG, which supply the current electrified, turbocharged V6 powertrains to the ten teams running in F1. Honda is leaving the sport after next year, however, to focus on electric cars.

The FIA, Formula 1’s governing body, hasn’t gone into detail regarding the make-up of the fuel, only saying that it is “exclusively refined using biowaste.”

After the trials, it’s expected that the various fuel suppliers in F1 will use the biofuel as a base to create their own version of the substances, with an end goal of 100 percent sustainable fuelling by 2026.