Zanardi hardly speaks again after 5 brain operations (3rd Update)

Alex Zanardi’s wife, Daniela, has given an update on the former Formula 1 driver, two-time CART champion. It seems a previous report he could talk was incorrect.

“One year after the accident, Alex’s condition is essentially stable,” confirmed Daniela. “He is currently in a special clinic, where he is undergoing a rehabilitation program. This includes multimodal and pharmacological simulations under the guidance of doctors, physiotherapists, neuropsychologists and speech therapists to try to facilitate his recovery.”

She confirmed Zanardi has yet to regain his speech, but they remain hopeful this will eventually return with more time.

“It has been a very complex process that has required more neurosurgery and been characterized by a number of setbacks. Alex is in a stable condition, which means he is able to undergo training programs for both his brain and his body.

“He can communicate with us, but he is still unable to speak. After a long time in a coma, the vocal cords must regain their elasticity. This is only possible through practice and therapy. He still has a lot of strength in his arms and hands, and is training intensively on the equipment.

“It is certainly another huge challenge. It is a very long journey and at the moment no predictions are made on when he will be able to return home. We put all our energy in Alex’s recovery.”

“We have received so many best wishes for his recovery, and I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you, on behalf of Alex, for every single message. I would like to tell all those people who are thinking of and praying for Alex that he is fighting – as he always has done.

“The affection we have received from friends, fans, acquaintances, athletes and those involved in motorsport over the past year has been nothing short of touching and overwhelming and has been of enormous support for us in dealing with all this. However, a very special thank you goes to the medical personnel.”

April 27, 2021 

An update on Alex Zanardi from his son:

“Dad has been conscious for some time now, since some months. Little by little, his conditions are improving. small steps. But we know that it is a long journey, it will take a long time. Nobody knows what he will be able to do again.”

January 13, 2021 

Former CART and F1 driver Alex Zanardi has resumed talking after his terrible accident last June 19th .  The great news came from Federica Alemanno , neuroscientist at the San Raffaele in Milan, who spoke to the Corriere della Sera.

Zanardi underwent the so-called “awake surgery”, literally “awake surgery”. What it consists of, Federica Alemanno, a 36-year-old specialized in this type of treatment, explained directly: ” It is a very special technique that is done in very few centers in Italy and aims to guarantee the patient the best possible quality of life afterwards. It is used in special cases, especially in young patients, between 30 and 50 years old, with two types of disease: the so-called low-grade gliomas and cavernomas. The first are brain tumors that are not particularly aggressive, but which, with their presence in certain areas, can compromise some important brain activities, such as memory, speech and attention. Same goes for the cavernomas. They are quite rare diseases “.

December 21, 2020 

Former Formula One and Indy racing star Alex Zanardi has taken significant steps in his recovery from a devastating handbike crash in June this year, Italian newspapers have reported.

Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera today wrote that Zanardi, 54, had recovered his hearing and sight, and was able to respond with hand movements to questions from doctors and his wife, Daniela.

Doctors have confirmed Zanardi was able to shake hands on demand and raise his thumb to signal “Ok”, and also turn his head towards Daniela.

Italian newspaper Corriere today wrote that the dual Indy champion cannot yet speak as the hole in his trachea is being kept open as a precaution.