‘Good’ that Schumacher not at winning team – Stuck

(GMM) It is “good” that Mick Schumacher’s Formula 1 debut will take place at the rear of the field in 2021.

That is the view of German racing legend Hans-Joachim Stuck, who says he relates to the 21-year-old as he also had a famous father in motor sport – Hans Stuck.

“My parents raised me properly and that is also the case with Mick,” he told Auto Bild.

“Mick never had that high-flying attitude that can come with a name like that. That makes it easier for him to deal with the pressure.”

Stuck also thinks it is perfect that Schumacher has been placed by Ferrari at the small American team Haas, as it will work well with the young German’s tendency to first find his feet at a steady pace in a new category.

“I have to say I really respect how Mick Schumacher does it,” said the 70-year-old. “I also think it’s good that he’s not in a winning car right away, but that he has the time to get used to it.

“When the time comes, he will win. But he needs the time for that,” Stuck added. “He has to calmly learn the system, the tracks, the processes in the team and so on. So I do ask everyone to give him that time.”