Kubica may focus only on F1 role in 2021 (Update)

(GMM) Robert Kubica has admitted he may spend the entire 2021 season focusing exclusively on his reserve driver role with Alfa Romeo. He’s flip-flopping as two days ago (see below)  he said he was eyeing LMP2.

The Pole, who had the same role in 2020, has ruled out returning to the German touring car championship DTM, whilst admitting that he is keen on endurance sports cars.

Indeed, 35-year-old Kubica was at Daytona recently for the fabled 24 hour race, but he was unable to race at all following an early gearbox problem.

Kubica’s car dropped out of the Rolex 24 on Saturday before he was able to drive it

“There is no such thing as bad luck in motorsport. Everything happens for a reason,” he told Przeglad Sportowy newspaper.

“On the other hand, the experience of last year and the situation in the world are not helping me to make a decision,” said Kubica when asked how he will combine his F1 role and his racing aspirations in 2021.

“Some decisions should have been taken and were already taken, but due to the changes in the calendars it was impossible to go in certain directions,” he continued.

Kubica admits that he may end up simply serving as Alfa Romeo’s reserve this year and nothing else.

“It is very possible that I will be doing less this year than last year,” he said.

“It is difficult to make some decisions, but I definitely want to avoid a situation where I will suddenly be needed in three completely different places,” the former Williams driver added.

February 1, 2021 

(GMM) Robert Kubica is eyeing a move into Le Mans’ second-tier LMP2 category in 2021.

The Pole is staying as Alfa Romeo’s reserve driver this year, but he is definitely leaving the DTM – and contemplating what else he will do next.

“The fact is, I’m involved with Alfa Romeo, so I already have my job,” the 36-year-old is quoted by Speed Week.

“Knowing what happened with the pandemic in 2020, it wasn’t easy to combine two things and focus on both,” added Kubica, referring to the fact that he won’t return to DTM this year.

But last weekend, Kubica raced a Le Mans-style prototype at Daytona, and he says he would “definitely” like to do more endurance racing.

“If you have to drive a Formula 1 car in my position, you don’t have a lot of time to adapt,” he said.

“I jump in the car every two or three months and have a free practice session or half a day of testing, and I think if I was to drive a GT car it would take too much adjustment.

“So LMP2 is now my main goal now and it’s the category I would like to race in if possible.”