F1 still eyeing a 2nd race in USA

Speaking to AutoWeek, F1 President Stefano Domenicali said F1 needs to think strategically about which regions it wants to focus upon to build the business.

“America, China and the Far East, for sure,” he says. “America is a work in progress. I really hope that we can give you a straight answer very, very soon. But, no question, that is a focus. The objective will be to increase to two American races. That is really the target.”

Is Miami still the priority?

“I cannot say today whether Vegas is better or worse to be honest,” he says. “We are working very hard on that. Indianapolis is in the equation. That is why it is good we have a lot of elements, but it would be wrong and premature to say anything because otherwise we create expectation that we don’t want to create. What I can say is that the focus is definitely there. The big thing we need to change in the U.S. is to feed info every day—more at all levels—with the involvement of the drivers, the teams and the organizers. This is something that we want to do very strongly this year.”

However, IMS told Sports Business Daily’s Adam Stern that regarding bringing back F1 to the famous track – “There continues to be mutual interest. We’re open to further dialogue and time will tell if there’s an opportunity that works for everyone.”

In other words, we lost our shirt on F1 previously and with Roger Penske losing his shirt on IndyCar, he’s not about to bring back a money-losing race to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.