Ferrari set to hold 18-inch tire test at Jerez

Ferrari is reportedly set to stage an 18-inch wheel test session at Jerez next week,

The new 18-inch wheels were supposed to be implemented in 2021, but that was pushed back by a year because of the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The FIA has agreed to increase the number of testing days Pirelli can have with all the teams in 2021 to 30 to allow adequate testing of the larger diameter wheels and lower, much stiffer, tire sidewalls. reported that Ferrari will be first up, carrying out the first 18-inch tire test on Monday, February 22 in Spain.

The team will be limited to running the slick versions of the prototype tires. It’s not yet known which driver will be behind the wheel, but it’s Spain and their new driver, Carlos Sainz Jr. is from, you guessed it, Spain.