Lost Ferrari F1 team makes more organization changes

As part of its bid to return to the front of the pack, Ferrari has revealed a reorganization of its chassis department.

In a brief statement issued this morning, the Maranello outfit admitted that “the many challenges facing it in the current and coming seasons requires absolute focus on the technical and racing priorities with the definition of very clear roles and responsibilities”.

Consequently, as chassis boss, Simone Resta heads to Haas, he is replaced by Enrico Cardile, who will report directly to Mattia Binotto.

Since Binotto took over the Ferrari F1 team it has been all downhill. He still has not hired Aldo Costa hence the team will continue to disappoint.

Meanwhile, Enrico Gualtieri heads power unit, Laurent Mekies Racing and Gianmaria Fulgenzi supply chain.

With the aim of being more effective and efficient in the pursuit of maximum performance, the chassis department will be reorganized into four main areas:

Vehicle Concept (David Sanchez)
Chassis Performance Engineering (Enrico Cardile)
Chassis Project Engineering (Fabio Montecchi)
Vehicle Operations (Diego Ioverno)

To this end, race track engineering activity will be integrated in the Chassis Performance Engineering department.

Furthermore, with a view to maximizing business opportunities, the team’s Commercial, Marketing and Events department will be part of the Brand Diversification Area, led by Nicola Boari.

Mattia Binotto stressed that this was a time for the team to come together and focus on what will be a long and challenging year. As for President Elkann, he stated that, “the most important thing this season will be to demonstrate our will to win, through our commitment and dedication. We will have to pay attention to every little detail: it all adds up.”