Binotto won’t attend all races in 2021

(GMM) Mattia Binotto has confirmed reports that he will not attend every race in 2021.

The Ferrari boss stayed at Maranello on several grand prix weekends last year, and he will once again be replaced trackside on occasion by Laurent Mekies this season.

“I will of course be there at the beginning when it comes to assessing our performance and ensuring that everything goes according to plan on the track,” Binotto said.

“But at some point I will stay in Maranello to concentrate more on the project for 2022.”

Indeed, Binotto said that while Ferrari has worked hard to address its engine and aerodynamic problems of 2020, the real focus is on the sweeping new rules for 2022.

Last year the team always performed better when Binotto (L) stayed home and Mekies (R) ran the team onsite.

“Based on the simulations, I expect that the powertrain and the aerodynamics won’t be such a big problem for us again this year,” he said.

“I think our car is better than last year. But we have to remain realistic. The gap to the fastest cars was very large last year and that cannot be closed in a single winter,” the Italian added.

“Our focus in the coming season is already on developing the 2022 car. That is our main task,” said Binotto.

Therefore, he admits that race wins in 2021 are unlikely.

“For me, the will to win is important, but that doesn’t mean that we will win. We have to be realistic about that,” he said.