McLaren eyes possible LeMans return

With the new and popular hypercar regulations coming into effect for sports cars in both Europe and the USA, would McLaren branch back out and develop a hybrid car for both IMSA, the WEC and LeMans?

“We could, and we might,” McLaren CEO Zak Brown said when asked about a possible Le Mans return for the marque.

“But right now, we are, continue to be, and always will be, laser focused on Formula 1.

“That’s the most important racing activity in McLaren’s world.

“WEC is, and Le Mans is, of interest to us, but it has to be the right time, right place, right resources and needs to stand on its own two feet,” he added.

“It’s still early days while being under review.

“We want to make sure we continue to invest everything we have in our Formula 1 team before we take on any incremental efforts.”

“We’ve added IndyCar successfully to our program, and that’s really to cover off on the North American marketplace for our partners,” he explained.

“We’ve been able to bring our title sponsor, Arrow Electronics, over from our IndyCar team to join us in Formula 1.

“All roads lead to supporting our Formula 1 efforts.”