NASCAR Las Vegas Post-Race Press Conference


  • 1st – Kyle Larson, Hendrick Motorsports
  • Cliff Daniels, Winning Crew Chief
  • Rick Hendrick, Winning Team Owner
  • 2nd – Brad Keselowski, Team Penske
  • 3rd – Kyle Busch, Joe Gibbs Racing

THE MODERATOR: We are joined by our race winning driver and the race winning crew chief from the 5 Chevrolet with Hendrick Motorsports.

We are going to open it up to questions for these two.

Q: Kyle, I’m hoping not so much to talk about the win, but a little bit with the charity that you’ve started and the foundation. I’m not sure if we’ve spoken with you since you opened that up.

KYLE LARSON: Yeah, no, definitely it’s exciting stuff to start my own foundation, the Drive for 5 program. We’re still trying to kind of work through the small details now. But really looking forward to kind of getting out more into the community and continuing to do good things, like I had done all throughout last year.

It’s been unique to kind of learn more about the foundation side and charity side. Still a lot to learn to go about it. Glad to get it started and get it in motion now.

Q: What is the emotion for you for this win? How does it feel being back, being back in Victory Lane?

KYLE LARSON: It feels good. I guess I didn’t know if I’d ever have an opportunity to win a NASCAR race again. To get this awesome opportunity with Hendrick Motorsports and Mr. H taking a massive chance on me, then going out there and being strong all year, it’s been great.

I knew we were close to getting a win. Our pit crew done a really good job all season long. Cliff and everybody has been bringing really fast racecars to the track. For the most part I’ve been doing my job, too, on the racetrack.

I knew if we could continue to do that, we would get a win. Today we put it all together, had a dominating race car to go along with it. Made my job behind the wheel a lot easier.

Cool to get a win this early in the year, now focus ahead and try to win a lot more, rack up Playoff points, put ourselves in a good spot once the Playoffs start.

Q: Kyle, I saw a photo of Bubba talking to you in Victory Lane. What did that moment mean to you? Can you share with us at all anything he said?

KYLE LARSON: Yeah, it meant a lot to have Bubba come to Victory Lane. He always does a really good job of congratulating the winners. Yeah, I saw him waiting to say hi or whatever to me as I ran over there, and just had a quick moment with him. He said congrats. He’s always believed in me. So that was special.

Just really cool to have him come by and take time out of his post race where he could be on his way to the airport to go home. For him to come over was really cool.

I hope they can start getting some better luck with that race team, having some good runs like they deserve.

Kyle Larson, driver of the #5 Chevrolet, celebrates in Victory Lane after winning the NASCAR Cup Series Pennzoil 400 presented by Jiffy Lube (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Q: Does this win settle you down at all as far as having the confidence you can win in the Hendrick equipment?

KYLE LARSON: Well, even before I ran a race, I had the confidence that I could win. I mean, obviously Chase Elliott won the championship last year. They were hitting as an organization, doing a great job at the right part of the year. With the rules not changing and stuff, I knew we were going to be competitive.

I didn’t know kind of what the learning curve would be going into the new race team, being around new people, all of that. But with the resources that they have and all the great people that they have in that building, that in itself gives you a lot of confidence.

I definitely have gotten more confident as each week has gone on. I think now winning a race just adds to that. In a way I guess it calms you down because it gives you — you know you can go out there and win and contend at a lot of different types of racetracks.

Q: Along the lines of the question about the emotions that you felt, what were those final laps like? Was it any different than another win? Did you have extra emotion going through your head? When you crossed the finish line, was it any different than a normal win?

KYLE LARSON: Oh, definitely a little different for sure. I definitely got a little choked up the — once I got to the white flag and knew I had a big lead, all that, I was getting choked up, all that.

But once I got done with my donuts, celebration in the car, I had myself pretty contained for once I got out.

When you’re getting down to the end of the race, you’re not really getting challenged by the guy behind you, those last, like, 20 laps felt like it took a long time. I was just praying that I wouldn’t see a caution, that we could get the win.

I was definitely relieved when I got to the white, then just really cool to get the win and get Cliff his first win as well as a Cup Series crew chief is extra special to me also.

Kyle Larson, driver of the #5 Chevrolet,  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Q: On the backstretch, you did a burnout also. Was there any significance to that?

KYLE LARSON: Some of my friends had a motorhome in the backstretch. Actually my best friend Colby’s birthday yesterday. He was here for the race. That’s why I did some burnouts there.

Q: It’s been a long time coming. Take me through the miscue on coming to pit road. What was going through your mind as far as coming back and just kind of regaining what you lost there?

KYLE LARSON: Yeah, I made a mistake there. I got called to pit road, kind of in an awkward spot because I was catching, I can’t remember who it was, but it was a lap car who had been off the pace. I could tell by my run I had down the backstretch when they told me to pit, it was going to be really close if I could get around him, get down, get to pit road.

I was trying to wave when I was outside, but I was trying to judge off my little mirror. I didn’t want to pull down in front of him, get to the brakes, get ran into from behind. So I wish I would have just bailed on trying to make that attempt, just ran another lap like I did. The 2 would have never even been close to me.

That’s just an area where I need to get better in making a quicker decision like that. Most of the time you’re not in that type of position. It definitely cost me and it could have cost me the win, for sure.

That was one of the only mistakes I feel like I made all race. It was almost a costly one.

Q: Cliff, can you take us through what it feels like to get this win? You were put in an almost impossible kind of situation being with a seven-time champion, trying to make his exit as smooth as it possibly could be, but now you’re starting a whole new chapter.

CLIFF DANIELS: Yeah, for sure. First I got to say, God, it’s so good. It’s been quite a journey for this team, even for Kyle, for us all to be here at this point together. I am so grateful to Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus for believing in me, to give me an opportunity at crew chief when they did. Of course, to Mr. H, Jeff Gordon, everyone at Hendrick Motorsports, Jeff Andrews, Marshall.

Now here today, we knew we had a fast car. Kyle coming onboard has just been a nice spark for this team because it was tough to see Jimmie retire. We wanted to win with him so bad, and we had some great runs last year that just never materialized for one reason or another.

So, yeah, I mean, it was tough on our team to learn those lessons and fight those battles and to have Jimmie go retire. A lot of us had won not just one race but a lot of races or even championships with Jimmie. To end without getting win, to see him kind of move on was so bittersweet.

Quickly we were able to turn the page. Just so encouraging having Kyle come in. We knew from the year he had last year and everything that he went through last year, the way he positioned himself really well to go win a lot of races, just with the talent that he shows every week, we were hopeful. I would say a small amount of confidence that when he got in our cars that we would be right up front.

That showed all the way starting even Daytona Speedway. Yes, speedway races are tough. But to be there at the end I think Kyle did a great job. We put ourselves in contention to win at the road course. Homestead we were off a little bit, most of the day we weren’t quite where we needed to be to win. So to be here today and have the car as prepared as well as it was, to see the moves that Kyle made on the racetrack to pass those guys and just absolutely nail the restarts, getting himself in a good position the way he did, was so cool to see.

So thankful to Mr. H,, everyone at Hendrick Motorsports, Chevrolet, just really cool.

THE MODERATOR: We also want to welcome Rick Hendrick into the room joining us via phone.

We’ll go back to questions for all three.

Q: Cliff, when we talked in January, you spoke a lot about the importance of building a foundation early. You mentioned it there. Now you have a win. Is that foundation off to a good start? Are you surprised a win came this quick?

CLIFF DANIELS: Surprised maybe a little, but we knew when Kyle and I first connected over the winter, we knew there was going to be a path to get us here. We knew we had to make sure our cars were well-prepared. Just with the schedule, race format, there’s no practice, there’s no qualifying. We don’t have a big opportunity to go build our notebook together.

You have to be right when you unload for the race. We knew it was going to take a lot of prep work to get here. We’ve done that every week. Kyle is in the shop three days a week just poring through notes with us, looking at video, looking at data. Our guys have done a nice job to help get him prepared, and likewise he’s done a nice job of just giving us sensations he needs to feel, things he’s felt in the past and how he would like to car to respond in certain situations.

Again, we were a little bit off in Homestead. That was a great data point to kind of build our notebook at a mile-and-a-half track where we needed a bit more, and we did make some changes to our package because of Homestead when we came here just to try to suit what he needed. Obviously it worked out today. Doesn’t always work out like that. But it worked out today.

Just so thankful for our team, everyone at Hendrick Motorsports, for Mr. H for believing in us. What a cool day.

Q: Cliff, as you kind of savor your first Cup win, what are some of the most valuable lessons you learned from your days in the 48 that help you now?

CLIFF DANIELS: There’s a lot of valuable lessons. One I would say is towards the end of the race we were very fortunate to have the lead that we had. Guys did a great job on pit road. Kyle did a nice job with a little issue off of four, getting himself collected and putting himself in position to have a good clean pit in, pit out. Everyone did a nice job on pit road.

Once we started getting towards the later part of the race, 20 to go, 15, 10, five, some valuable lessons I learned from Jimmie and Chad was to always be thinking ahead. We know with this 550 package the late-race restarts can get crazy. You’re going to have mixed strategies, guys that are going to throw a Hail Mary, stay out on old tires, some guys will take two, some four. We worked up two different contingency plans if we needed them. If the caution came out at any point, we already knew what our call was going to be, we knew which way we were going to go. That may sound a little bit idealistic, but we had to be thinking ahead in case we had been in that situation.

Kyle had been doing a good job on restarts all day when we were on offense. We wanted to make sure to put him in that situation if we needed it. Lessons like that are valuable. Our team did a great job today. Kyle was phenomenal on the racetrack. Cool to watch.

Q: Cliff, being the first win like this, what was it like? How much were you playing cheerleader and how much were you having to keep Kyle calm out there? It’s been a while since he’s seen Victory Lane. To do it this quickly, did that surprise you? What was working so well today overall?

CLIFF DANIELS: Yeah, I mean, honestly what’s worked well with him, I’ve seen it, I was fortunate to be able to go to a few dirt races with him back in the fall, then over the winter in seeing the way he drove the Chili Bowl race, just his whole demeanor. I kind of was queuing off of what I’ve seen from him, his posture in the car, his demeanor in and out of the car, the way he handles himself.

He really doesn’t need a cheerleader. He just needs to know kind of what his gap is to guys around him. Myself or Tyler, we’re trying to let him know that regularly to help him position himself around lap cars, to not have any mistakes or feel too pressured when we had a decent lead.

Then on the other side, kind of behind the scenes, I wanted to make sure we had a good plan on pit road if a caution came out just to give him the confidence that if we needed to make a call, we were going to make the right call and still be able to have a winning race, given a different circumstance.

Kyle is so good and so confident in himself that he doesn’t need a lot of cheerleading. We’re just trying to make sure we have all the pieces around him set up the right way so he can go get the job done. He was on it today.

Q: Mr. H, you believed in Kyle. You believed that he could get it done. I’m wondering how this feels today now that you’ve been proved right, now that they’ve got this win out of the way, if you think he’s going to just explode.

RICK HENDRICK: Kyle is so talented, to get in a car that he’s never been in before, tracks he’s seen but not in our stuff, I’ve just watched him over the years and I know how talented he is. Cliff has a really good team.

I didn’t really expect for it to come this quick because I just thought it would take more time to gel. But our cars are fast. He’s a champion really. I’m so lucky to have him. Cliff is just a great young man. To win in the fourth race, especially when you don’t have any practice, you just show up and race, it’s really been awesome.

I think they’re going to have a lot of success together this year. If you look back at the road course he had a shot to win that. If you show up and you run well, that’s half the battle. Nobody doubts Kyle’s ability.

Q: Kyle, I’m assuming you believed you could win in Hendrick cars. I’m wondering what you think your potential is now.

KYLE LARSON: Yeah, I mean, I definitely believed that I could win. I guess in a way, yeah, I mean, I’m surprised that we started the year off this good. I not thought that we would have some struggle moments, maybe we still will, but I definitely didn’t think we would come out and be as good as we have been. I’d hoped that we would be going like this, but I just didn’t know, especially with not having practice, things like that. You don’t know. They’re not used to maybe my driving style being different than what they’re used to and things like that. A lot of unknowns really going into a new team, with the way the schedule is.

But, no, it’s been great. I knew from the very first lap of this race that we were going to have a fast car. We just kept up with the racetrack. The pit crew did an awesome job all day like they have done all year. That’s what put us in position to win.

Q: I’m wondering if after one month in these cars that your goals have changed? Maybe you started out a month ago saying you’re just glad to be back, maybe you could win a race. Now that you’re having such a good start, maybe you are reaching much higher?

KYLE LARSON: I mean, honestly I don’t know if it’s weird to say, but I don’t really ever, like, set goals. I just want to go out there and win as much as I can. I think if you set a goal of winning four races, that’s not enough. But I also don’t think it’s realistic to say I want to win 20 races either, which I would love to.

So I don’t know. I never really had goals. I just want to go out there and win a lot, win at a high rate like I did last year. Ultimately, then win a championship. I think that’s everybody’s main goal. That’s not going to change.

But yeah, I mean, I think starting the year off this good, I could see more wins now in our future. The beginning of this schedule really suits what I feel like I’m comfortable with, the tracks that suit my driving style. Going to Phoenix next week, I’ve had some really good runs there. I think Atlanta is the following week. Been close to winning there. That’s a track that suits me. Obviously the dirt race at Bristol. I don’t really know what’s after that.

I’ve had my eyes really focused on the beginning of the year because I knew it was going to be tracks that I could go run well at. Hopefully we can keep capitalizing, clicking off more wins, getting a lot of Playoff points.

Q: Rick, you’ve gotten to know Kyle really well over the last year or so. What have you seen of Kyle since he’s joined your organization? What has he brought to your organization?

RICK HENDRICK: Well, I think a lot of excitement because when we announced that he was coming to drive for us, of course the whole company started watching him in Sprint cars. Everybody was tuned in to the Chili Bowl. We knew his talent. I’ve worked with Kyle when he was at Ganassi. I’ve always had a relationship with him.

He’s just a heck of a talent. I think the energy that he has brought to our company, along with the energy to see all the cars run as good as they’re running, that has got the whole organization on their toes.

Super excited. It just looks like at every race we’re in we’ve got cars in there that can win it. That’s what you want. You want an opportunity to win. Everybody’s working well together. The crew chiefs, Chad being the competition director, Jeff Andrews. We got a great team that are working really well together. Rudy, look at William and how he’s been running.

I just feel like the chemistry is so good right now. I don’t know if I ever remember it being any better across the board with all four cars. Two cars sometimes, then one car winning them all. But now we’ve got a really good balance. Everybody’s excited. I’m excited.

Q: Kyle, I was wondering if you could talk about your relationship with your spotter, Tyler. This was a huge win for him, first career win on the Cup side.

KYLE LARSON: Yeah, the way things kind of worked out over the off-season, we ended up getting Tyler really late, before we headed to Daytona. It’s worked out great. I’ve really enjoyed listening to him on the radio. I haven’t had too many spotters in my career, but he’s definitely a really good spotter.

I just like his voice, how calm he stays. I feel like we’ve gelled really, really easily. For me to get him his first win in the Cup Series is really cool. I know this is obviously an amazing opportunity for him. It’s special to me and Cliff as well to be able to give somebody like that their kind of first big break in NASCAR.

So definitely awesome to get a win with Tyler. Like I said, he’s been doing really good up on the spotter’s stand. I enjoy listening to him. I think we’re only going to get used to each other even more, be better, better if those moments where we have to block and things like that.

Like I said, I think for right now he’s done a great job and I’m very fortunate that we ended up with him.

Q: Rick, two wins the first four races. You certainly had some success last year. To put it together like this this early, what do you feel has been a little bit more of an emphasis, I’m not going to say turnaround because it wasn’t like you were off things, but what are you seeing out of this early start out of your organization?

RICK HENDRICK: Look at the end of the year, Chase won Martinsville, it just brought a lot of energy. Then the championship. Working that close together with all the teams. Our alliance with Richard Childress, we’ve been working hard together on bringing the best stuff to the track. There’s a lot of things.

I don’t want to miss this opportunity. This win today in the 5 car with my son’s paint scheme on it was probably one of the most special races that I’ve ever watched. I just think everybody has just rolled up their sleeves. William had another year under his belt. When you put Rudy with him, they were so successful, the confidence in both of them. Being able to move Chad up, and giving Cliff another year to get a year under his belt.

So when you look through the organization, Chase has had some tough luck. He dominated the road course race. Tough today with the problem they had with the jack.

But I think you build momentum slowly in this sport. You can come on red hot, but if you get everybody kind of making a step. We still got work to do. We got work to do in the pits. You always want to improve. But we got good speed. The cars are handling well. All of these guys, from William to Alex, they’re all getting into another year. With their ages, they’re just going to get better.

Q: Rick, about the paint scheme onboard, what went into the superstition to have Ricky’s scheme or kind of the scheme reminiscent of Ricky’s colors go on Kyle’s car? Did it bring back any memories when Larson took it to the front?

RICK HENDRICK: Yeah. My wife and I were watching. It was emotional. It was joy. It was so many things. I love those colors. When we were going to be on the car, I mean, I wanted to run that paint scheme with that number. That meant a ton to me today and to my family just to honor our son.

I love the paint scheme anyway. But Kyle made us proud today.

Q: Kyle, back to a race last summer when you won in the sprint car at Grandview Speedway, you said after that race you really needed to win because it gave you a lot of confidence that maybe you had lost. You won 23 of your 36 dirt races after that point. Was that maybe a turning point in this journey for you that has now culminated with a win in Las Vegas?

KYLE LARSON: I don’t remember, honestly. I mean, I kind of remember that time. I probably went only five or six races without a win to that point. It felt like a lot with as much as I was racing and winning to that point. Felt like we kind of had gotten off there for a quick minute.

Yeah, I worked really hard for that win. Yeah, we really went on a big roll I think after that. I don’t know if that helped culminate into this win today. I definitely think, even though I was out of a stockcar all of last year, still being able to go race a lot and win a lot last year really helped me as a driver for this year.

I felt like I was in positions to win races more so than any other race car driver in the world last year. You learn from all those moments. I feel like I’m a much stronger racer today mentally than I probably was early last year.

I definitely think all the experience I got racing a lot last year, winning a lot, helped me kind of for moments like today, staying calm. Like making a mistake like I did coming to pit road, being able to stay calm in that moment, just get back to work, kind of clear your mind. Where I don’t know if earlier last year or before that if I would be mentally strong enough to clear my mind and just go back out and start hitting the marks again and getting away from the 2 car.

Q: Kyle, as you kind of look at this year, you mentioned that you don’t set goals, were there any personal expectations? Did you kind of see yourself getting into Victory Lane early in this season or did you think the gelling time with Cliff Daniels was going to take a little bit longer than what it did?

KYLE LARSON: I’d hoped that we could start this strong this early in the year, but I just didn’t know. So, yeah, I did kind of think there would be a moment of taking time to gel with my team, or just having them understand my driving style and stuff like that.

But yeah, you know, they’ve obviously done their homework on me throughout the year or throughout the off-season. Just in the short amount of time, I mean, you hard Cliff talk about it, us being off last weekend at Homestead was a good data point to learn from that, then put what they learned into the cars going forward.

We’ve been able to gel quickly. Without practice I feel like I’ve been studying and working way harder than I ever have. I think it’s all paying off. I’ve been able to start each race really strong. I think that shows us as a team doing our homework, being prepared. It just shows in those first-half laps which we’ve been really long. The quicker you can get up to speed out there, the further ahead you are for the rest of the race.

Definitely working hard has been paying off.

Q: Mentioning momentum, I’m wondering how much you believe in the momentum, carrying this into Phoenix next week? Will that carry over much or do you feel there will be more challenges from that year off?

KYLE LARSON: I don’t know. Hendrick has been really good at Phoenix. Chase dominated that race last year. I think Hendrick Motorsports as a whole is just really, really strong everywhere.

I think us winning today helps the confidence a lot. Yeah, I mean, I got all week to do more homework and more studying and trying to learn how my teammates drove at Phoenix, kind of what these cars are like, prepare as much as we can.

Q: Can you say what it meant to you to have Brad Keselowski come out to the frontstretch after that race and basically be the first person to congratulate you personally about your win? Maybe describe what your relationship has been with him up to this point in your career.

KYLE LARSON: Yeah, that was really special to see Brad walking across the infield to come congratulate me, then waiting while I completed my interviews and things. So, yeah, that was special.

He’s somebody that I really respect and look up to as a driver, a leader, all of that. I definitely feel like we built a friendship over the last really probably five or six years. Having children has really brought us together more so. We live in the same community, so we see each other throughout the week sometimes. Birthday parties and stuff they’ll come to for my children.

I really like Brad. I’ve always respected him. Even before I ever raced in NASCAR, I was a Brad Keselowski fan. Yeah, to have him come out and congratulate me after finishing second, I believe —

THE MODERATOR: Thank you everyone for joining us. Mr. Hendrick, thank you for joining us. Congratulations on the win tonight.


2nd – Brad Keselowski, Team Penske

THE MODERATOR: We’re going to get started here with Brad Keselowski. We’ll go straight to questions.

Q: What more do you feel you needed to be able to go up there and compete with Larson? We saw you run across the ball field to congratulate him. What do you think it does for him, for the sport, to see him be able to come back and win as quickly as he has?

BRAD KESELOWSKI: It’s tough for me to speak to what it means to the sport. But I think it’s a good thing. I think everybody loves a good redemption story. He’s fought really hard for his opportunity to come back and making the most of it. I’m happy for him. I think I told him that, just happy for him.

I wanted to win. I told him I wanted to win the damn race. But if I couldn’t, I’m glad he did. We’ve all been kind of pulling for him.

In order to be better than him, he just had a little more speed than we had today. I could wrangle the top and make something happen, wrangle the bottom a little bit make something happen on restarts. He could run as fast as we could down the straightaways and a little bit faster in some corners.

Brad Keselowski

Q: I want to say after one of the stages you said something like, I’ve seen that before. I think you were referring to Larson. Can you elaborate on that? Was it something technical you can’t talk about?

BRAD KESELOWSKI: Honestly, I don’t remember. That’s the honest truth. I’m not even going to give you a no. I’m just going to tell you my memory sucks. Did I say that?

Q: I want to say you did. Maybe I was listening to a different person.


Q: Was there ever any thought in your mind that Larson was not going to be able to come in and have an impact right away?

BRAD KESELOWSKI: No, no. He got in a great car, he’s a great driver. He’s going to make something happen because that’s what he does. He’s a wheel man.

Q: You were up front all day running with the Hendrick cars. Are you seeing anything out of them than maybe a year ago when they didn’t have as much speed?

BRAD KESELOWSKI: Well, you know, motorsports by nature is very cyclical. I think there’s no secret that the Chevys have had a number of down years. With that comes adjustments. The Chevy camp made some big adjustments. I think last year or maybe the year before last with the body on the car, they got better. Made a big adjustment this year with the engines, probably took a step up. Across the board they look pretty strong. Those are some significant upgrades, and they’re making the most of them.

Q: When this race has been even earlier in the season, you said too small of a sample size to make any big judgments. This is the fourth race, is it fair to start wondering if teams that aren’t performing up to the Hendrick, Gibbs, Penske level are in trouble? The 14, for instance, wasn’t even on the lead lap today. Stewart-Haas seems to be off. Should we be reading anything into that at this point?

BRAD KESELOWSKI: It’s such a strange year. I think every company is a little different. Inside every company, the teams are a little different. I think there’s a fair amount of companies that have probably punted to NextGen, which is sensible. Then there’s some companies that have really doubled down on this year’s car, their team and lineup, which makes sense, too.

To each their own. It’s hard to tell in the first three races who’s done what. I felt like all along Vegas was the clearest indicator of what we’re going to see for a lot of the season. Both of these races, Vegas and next week in Phoenix, I think they represent what it’s going to take to win the championship, being good on tracks of these two types.

We can tell the most from these races.

Brad Keselowski, driver of the #2 Discount Tire Ford, drives during the NASCAR Cup Series Pennzoil 400 presented by Jiffy Lube (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

As far as teams that might be ahead or behind others, it’s still pretty early. Certainly cause for concern if you weren’t towards the front today.

Q: Certainly this is a track where Team Penske typically excels. A performance like you had today, performance like your teammates, is there much you get out of it? Is this like this is what today was supposed to be out or is there a little concern that you didn’t get what you normally got in the past?

BRAD KESELOWSKI: Yeah, I think there is certainly an expectation when we come to Vegas that we’ll run really well. I try not to take anything for granted there. For whatever reason, we’ve just always been really good here at Team Penske. This year was no exception.

Q: It’s kind of funny to hear you use the term ‘strange year’ just four races into the season. Is that because it’s four different winners? Has that changed the dynamic or is it seeing the teams that are up there, that are not up there?

BRAD KESELOWSKI: Yeah, I think definitely we’ve seen over the last four weeks different teams in different places than I think pre-season predictions would have said.

Still early. Got a lot of running left to do. But very interesting and a provocative year.

Q: This seemed like one of the more competitive races at Vegas with the 550 package. Did it feel like that behind the wheel? Did it feel competitive and fun?

BRAD KESELOWSKI: Well, yeah, the restarts are crazy. Then I felt like after about 15 laps we saw the race settle into its typical self. It’s always fun to be a race car driver. It’s just really about chocolate or vanilla ice cream. I like both of them. But to each their own on their tastes.

THE MODERATOR: Brad, thanks for joining us tonight. Safe travels home. We’ll see you next week in Phoenix.

BRAD KESELOWSKI: Appreciate it. Good turnout. 77 media on here. Way to go, guys. Appreciate your support of our sport. Be safe, whether you’re driving home or at home. We’ll see you around the bend.


3rd – Kyle Busch, Joe Gibbs Racing

THE MODERATOR: We are now joined by Kyle Busch driver of the No. 18 Ethel M Chocolates Toyota, who finished third in today’s race.

We are going to go straight into questions for Kyle.

Q: What do you think this can do for you and Ben getting the car better throughout the race for a good finish?

KYLE BUSCH: Yeah, I mean, it’s all about building blocks. I felt like today was a good building process for us. I just always kept trying to give the best feedback I possibly could. Being able to tell him what the car was doing, where we were coming from with the adjustments we were making. He was making good adjustments all day. Seemed like the first two or three of them really didn’t do anything. We started taking swings with wrenches in the back window, stuff like that.

I don’t know, man, it’s interesting. Last week we were on the simulator for Homestead, same thing for this week for Vegas. It’s just not correlating close enough for us. If we can get that better and closer, I feel like there’s something there.

Off on balance to start. Got way better towards the end. Still there was room for improvement there at the end. Overall our speed was a little off. We weren’t going to keep up with the 5 or the 2. Definitely on restarts we could see that I was really slow, just getting attacked on by everybody, drove backwards. Took me a while to fight my way back up front, but that was our day.

Kyle Busch

Q: At this point is it too much of a leap to say it’s Hendrick and Penske at the top, then you guys are sort of like the next step half behind?

KYLE BUSCH: I mean, certainly the Hendrick guys have come to play. They were really fast here last year with Chase. I thought Chase was fast early in the race. I never saw the front, so I don’t know. I think I seen him up there.

So the 5 was just able to close the deal and finish it off. But, yeah, they certainly are pretty quick. It was interesting how the 2 was up front, the 2 was fast all day. I think the 22 never really got there. The 12 I think was okay. Yeah, I mean, we as JGR, we are definitely a little bit behind. We’ll continue to try to work on that and get better.

But as the perception seems to be, Hendrick and Penske are certainly ahead of us, yes.

Q: We saw all afternoon the restarts just wilder than I think we’ve ever seen them, especially here in Vegas. You talked about the restart struggling for you. Is it that important to get those or can you build your car enough to where you can get better in the long run?

KYLE BUSCH: I mean, it definitely makes your life a heck of a lot easier if you’re able to get clear on the starts and to be able to get a gap, get single file, then be able to go race the guys that you want to be racing around.

It single files out first, second, third. It goes in order, right? That’s when it starts to clear up. If you’re back in eighth, it takes a while for it to single file out for you. That just kind of hinders your opportunity to get up towards the front.

We were able to pick off a few cars there at the end of the race and work our way up I think from eighth to third or something. But it takes a long time to make up lap time on guys and to get position further forward in the field.

In a perfect world you want to be fast right off the start and get a gap, then try to hold on.

Q: You referenced things maybe not correlating as much from the sim in some ways. What are you seeing? Has that been something that’s happened in the past and this is just a constant issue or is this something a little bit different?

KYLE BUSCH: Yeah, I mean, every track is different. Every week it seems to be close or far away, whatever. It’s interesting on how we can figure it all out.

But, yeah, I mean, last year, once we lost practice and everything like that, we knew we weren’t going to go back to practice, we would go to the simulator every single week. I spent five hours there working on things, trying to get us the right balance that I feel like on a sim and a raceable one where I feel like I can drive the car a particular way that you need to drive it in the race on there, then in real life. It’s just not quite correlating between the two.

This week we came to the racetrack super, super tight. I mean, eight numbers tighter on the racetrack than it was in sim. Typically when you’re good in sim, you’re about two numbers loose. I don’t know. That’s a 10-number difference, right? It’s just a big deal.

I mean, a lot of it is tire. We have to figure out the tire model, and try to make what we think is right there. I don’t know, we’ll keep working on it. That’s the only tool we’ve got.

Q: How does that challenge you and Ben? To work through something as severe as this, what does that do for you behind the wheel and that communication?

KYLE BUSCH: I mean, right now I don’t know. I need to go decipher with him. I can’t really answer that question exactly with a whole lot of knowledge.

In my opinion, I would think that as we probably go a few more races, we would just have to look at our setup, how we start, how we end some of these races, then what tracks we’re going to that mimic this. We go to Kansas, I would take this setup right there, look at the two Vegas and Kansas setups from last year, look at this Vegas setup and see how we want to build our Kansas setup. Try to come up with a way of being able to do it, forget about the simulator, you know what I mean?

That’s where it gets complicated and challenging, we’re trying to utilize and make that tool better so we can really come out here and look like heroes.

Q: What kind of difference does it make when you’re in the car, when you see the fans, what do you think?

KYLE BUSCH: I mean, yeah, I thought the crowd count for what we’re allowed to do is fantastic. Looked like they were sold out for the opportunities that we had to give the fans to come out here, be at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Excited for that opportunity, having them back. It’s what our sport is built on. Obviously having fans around has been significant to us for years. So it’s pretty cool to see all of that. Hopefully some more of these communities or governments will allow fan access and we can continue to build on that more and more, continue to do it safely so we can all enjoy a little bit more of normalcy again.

Q: Are you surprised or impressed by how quick Kyle Larson has been out of the gate here at Hendrick?

KYLE BUSCH: Yeah, no, I mean, Hendrick has good cars, right? They got a really good driver. Larson obviously is a talented one. He’s done a fantastic job in the races he’s had so far. He got held out there on tires one time today, was coming back towards me, then it kind of leveled out. We came in for tires the next time, and he just flat out shot to the front.

There was no keeping up with him. Those guys have got it going on, have done a nice job. It was impressive to see. Congrats on him getting a win this early in the season, for him on his return.

Q: You’re showing speed this year so far. A win may not come as late in the post-season. How much pressure is on yourself and the 18 team specifically in getting a win with four drivers now locked into the playoffs?

KYLE BUSCH: I mean, yeah, it’s pretty interesting how this season’s laid out so far. Everybody is a different winner. It’s pretty cool for parity and for separation. I think that even adds to another different winner from last year. I think that’s 14 of 16 races or something like that. It’s kind of crazy to see all that going on.

It’s definitely putting pressure on some of the other teams, some of the teams that have had a rough start like ourselves first few races being terrible. We kind of had a hole that we had to dig ourselves out of. We’ve been working on that each week, getting closer.

We keep starting these races too far back or too far off on balance with the race car, we miss points in the first stage, and that’s just been killing us.

THE MODERATOR: Kyle, thanks for joining us tonight.



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