Williams F1 announces 3 new sponsors (Update)

Williams has added a 3rd new sponsor for 2021:

Williams Racing Announces Partnership with Nexa3D

Williams Racing is pleased to announce a new partnership with Nexa3D, bringing the fastest polymer 3D printing to the world of Formula One.

Beginning this month, Nexa3D’s NXE400 ultrafast photoplastic 3D printer will be available to manufacture functional wind tunnel parts for aero testing purposes. The company’s NexaX software will enable high-performance additive manufacturing processes using modern computation architecture to develop light-weighted parts and accelerate the file-to-part process.

With Nexa3D’s technology, Williams Racing will be able to quickly design and manufacture complex, light weighted parts in minutes, compared to hours with traditional manufacturing, while minimizing material usage and waste. The NXE400 breaks printing speed barriers with its 20X productivity through its proprietary Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) technology and patented structured light matrix capable of reaching top speeds of 1Z centimeter per minute.

Al Peasland, Head of Technical and Innovation Partnerships at Williams Racing said, “We’re extremely excited to announce our partnership with Nexa3D and look forward to enhancing our additive manufacturing capabilities with their innovative high-speed printing technologies. Formula One is a challenging environment, that demands a continuous improvement philosophy in order to remain competitive. Our partnership will enable the team to continue to push boundaries in 3D printing, and present new opportunities for Nexa3D to further advance their revolutionary technology.”

“Our partnership with Williams Racing represents the fusion of top-tier engineering and race car performance,” said Avi Reichental co-founder, Chairman and CEO, Nexa3D. “With its ultrafast production cycles, the NXE400 represents the Formula One of additive manufacturing at scale. Few companies appreciate speed like Williams Racing and they represent the perfect partner for our polymer 3D printing technology.”

About Nexa3D

Nexa3D is digitizing the world’s supply chain sustainably. The company makes ultrafast industrial grade polymer 3D printers affordable for professionals and businesses of all sizes. The company’s photoplastic printers are powered by its proprietary Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) while its thermoplastic printers are powered by Quantum Laser Sintering (QLS), both of which increase print speed and productivity by orders of magnitude. The company’s partnerships with world-class material suppliers unlock the full potential of supply-chain approved polymers that are tailored for faster production at scale. Nexa3D’s software optimizes the entire additive production cycle through process interplay algorithms to ensure part performance and production consistency, while minimizing material usage and waste to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprints. To learn more, visit www.nexa3d.com.

March 10, 2021 

Williams Racing Announce ZEISS as an Official Supplier

Williams Racing and ZEISS, a world leader in optics and optoelectronics, today announce a new multi-year partnership, which sees ZEISS become an Official Supplier of the team ahead of the 2021 FIA Formula One World Championship.

The partnership will see ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions provide a range of equipment benefiting departments throughout the business including Wind Tunnel, Quality & Inspection and Prototype & Test. The installation of a new, class-leading Metrotom 1500 industrial computed tomography system at the factory in Grove will expand the team’s in-house capabilities and deliver greater insights into the quality and integrity of components, ensuring a precise, accurate and robust quality control process. With a continued commitment towards greater business efficiencies, ZEISS will play an integral part in this evolution.

In addition to world-class technology installation, Williams Racing stand to benefit from invaluable knowledge from industry leaders in metrology and ZEISS’ commitment to “Seeing Beyond” the challenges and demands of Formula One.

ZEISS will have branding in the Williams Racing trackside environment, featuring on the sponsor stacks in the garage and motorhome. As well as this, their logo will feature on the mirrors of the FW43B at the season opening Formula One Grand Prix in Bahrain.

Al Peasland, Head of Technical Partnerships and Innovation commented, “It’s with great pleasure that we can now welcome ZEISS as a Williams Racing Official Supplier in a year when ZEISS celebrates the 175th anniversary of pioneering technological advances in optics. Their passion for excellence, and presence as a global leader, will bring new metrology capabilities into the Williams team. The competitive world of Formula One racing demands a continuous drive towards ever greater precision and quality. We’re excited to have ZEISS join us on this journey of transformation as we enter a new era for Williams Racing.”

Pedro Yanez, Head of Global Marketing ZEISS IQS commented, “We in ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions are thrilled about this new partnership with Williams Racing. Formula One is the highest class of automobile racing in the world. It is where the premier drivers compete with the most sophisticated technology and with the fastest cars in organized racing. Therefore, it is also where the highest precision and quality standards are required. We in ZEISS are proud to support the Williams team to achieve such standards, with our state-of-the-art Industrial Quality Solutions. The future looks bright for the new era of Williams Racing, and they will count with our highest commitment to precision and quality on this journey of transformation and beyond.”

Williams Racing Announce New Technology Partnership with B&R Industrial Automation

Williams Racing is delighted to announce a new technology and innovation partnership with B&R Industrial Automation, a unit of ABB’s Robotics and Discrete Automation business. B&R is a global leader and pioneer of factory automation solutions.

The agreement will see B&R Industrial Automation embed their class-leading PLC hardware and I/O modules in the wind tunnel facilities at the team’s base in Grove. Controlled by B&R Industrial Automation’s APROL Edge Controller, the enhancements will provide measurement and recording of energy consumption of the wind tunnel infrastructure, and more granular control and management of the facility that will drive improvements in energy consumption, preventative maintenance optimization and business efficiencies.

Behind the scenes of every Grand Prix, the Williams Racing team work to continually develop and improve its performance and reliability, not only for their racing cars on track, but also for their business and operations at their UK headquarters. With ever increasing demands on business efficiency, coupled with a drive to Net Zero carbon emissions, capturing more data that generates greater insights of the team’s plant and infrastructure is a key contributor to enabling a higher performing and more sustainable business.

Al Peasland, Head of Technical and Innovation Partnerships at Williams Racing said: “Following a long-standing, working and supportive relationship, we are delighted to welcome B&R Industrial Automation as a Williams Racing Official Supplier. With a shared vision on plant and process optimisation and B&R’s expertise in process control and automation, we’re excited for the business benefits and operational efficiencies our partnership will bring to the team. We very much look forward to working with our friends at B&R throughout 2021 and beyond.”

Jason Johnson, Business Development Manager at B&R Industrial Automation, added: “Although they operate at the pinnacle of engineering, Williams Racing still face the same manufacturing challenges that we all encounter – a requirement to reduce energy usage and carbon footprint whilst maintaining and improving asset effectiveness and availability. We are delighted that Williams Racing has chosen the B&R APROL platform as the basis for their digital strategy. The APROL Edge Controller allows decisions to be made faster using real time data and analytics by making use of disparate data sets from equipment across the facility, and augmenting that with increased data visibility to achieve energy efficiency and productivity goals.”


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