Vettel manages to pick up five penalty points in one day

Sebastian Vettel’s amassed a total of five penalty points at the Bahrain Grand Prix and Mattia Binotto knows for sure now he made the right decision to get rid of Vettel.

Vettel was slapped with a five-place grid drop and three penalty points on Sunday for failing to adhere to a double yellow flag during Q1.

During the race Vettel ran a long first stint from the back of the grid but clashed with Alpine’s Esteban Ocon under braking for Turn 1.

Vettel tipped Ocon into a spin and was deemed culpable for the collision.

Stewards determined that Vettel was “wholly to blame” and issued a 10-second time penalty and two penalty points.

The two penalties total 5 points in a single day. At this rate he will reach the 12 point limit and will be suspended from driving an F1 car before the season is half over.

The penalty meant the clearly washed up Vettel finished the race in 15th spot, ahead of only Haas rookie Mick Schumacher driving a sled Haas car.

Vettel walks back to his garage after being read the riot act by the Stewards. We do not know what has happened to Vettel, but clearly he is not the driver he once was. He appears washed up, but we hope he proves us wrong.