Vettel never good under pressure (Update)

Given that he appears to be washed up, it will be interesting to see whether Aston Martin fires Vettel before the season is out.  Since leaving Red Bull he is always slower than his teammate, and even at Red Bull Daniel Ricciardo beat him regularly.

But does he have an eyesight problem?  He runs into other cars regularly.

Vettel drove himself into the back of Esteban Ocon at the Bahrain Grand Prix last Sunday and then blamed Ocon.

In Bahrain he qualified a lowly P18, had to start from the back due to a penalty for never seeing the double yellow flags – again proof he may have an eyesight problem.

Memorable Vettel Crashes

2020 Bahrain Grand Prix – drills Esteban Ocon from behind under braking

2019 British Grand Prix, Vettel crashed into Max Verstappen.

2019 Italian GP – Spins on his own like a wanker

2018 Japanese Grand Prix – crashed with Max Verstappen

2018 German Grand Prix – Crashes out while leading in front of hometown fans

2017 Azerbaijan GP, Vettel drilled the back of Lewis Hamilton during the Safety Car period and then tried to blame it on Hamilton.

2017 Singapore Grand Prix – Crashed with Verstappen and Raikkonen

2010 Belgian Grand Prix – Vettel knocked Jenson Button out

2010 Turkey GP – Crash with his teammate Mark Webber

2010 Japanese Grand Prix –  Crash with Mark Webber.

April 1, 2021 

(GMM) Sebastian Vettel is still struggling with pressure, according to his first Formula 1 team boss Gerhard Berger.

The quadruple world champion was ousted by Ferrari but switched to Aston Martin for 2021 and beyond – and had a dire pre-season test and first race in Bahrain.

“At Ferrari it was the same thing,” F1 legend Berger told the official Australian GP podcast.

“I just feel he is not free, not relaxed,” said the former Toro Rosso co-owner. “He maybe wants to prove things, but at this moment it is not possible because the car is not good enough, or his own form is not good enough.”

Berger said Vettel remains one of F1’s “outstanding drivers”, but thinks he struggles when the pressure ramps up.

“He never reacts very well under pressure,” he said. “Remember when Daniel (Ricciardo) came to Red Bull and was very strong, he put pressure onto Sebastian.”

Vettel is only 33, but Berger thinks the German is clearly “at the end of his career”.

“When you have done so many races, there comes a point where you’re not in the situation anymore where you’d like to take all the risks, where you fight like you would fight before you won any races,” he said.

“In some ways, it just hasn’t worked out well for him. He starts to do mistakes, people then start to question him. Step by step there’s more and more pressure, and he doesn’t like pressure.”