F1 cars to stay heavy in future – Symonds

(GMM) Pat Symonds (shown above) has bad news for those hoping Formula 1 cars may lose some weight in the future.

All-new technical regulations come into force in 2022, and for 2025 the engine format will also change significantly.

However, F1’s chief technical boss Symonds says because the sport is continuing down the hybrid and electronic technology route, that comes with even more weight.

“Everyone knows that electric and hybrid cars are heavier,” he told f1-insider.com.

“I’m a bit sorry about the current weight of Formula 1 cars, and I’m afraid that in 2025, when we will have active aerodynamics, they will have a lot more electrical power on the cars.

“Unfortunately we won’t lose much weight in the internal combustion engine either – it could be even more,” Symonds explained.

“We’ll have a little less fuel on board, so we’ll save a little weight at the start of the race, but as for the weight overall – nothing is for free.”